Website Portfolio

All the websites here I HTMLed myself or updated existing code for a redesign.

Featured - Rheem

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Tags: Komodo CMS | Responsive

The Rheem site has responsive drop down menus, swipable rotating banner, a product browse page and more.

Check out the site

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AE Smith

Tags: Komodo CMS | Responsive

This project was a modification of a template. There were some pages that were self coded though.

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Tags: Ektron CMS | Static

I also did the HTML for another section of the site: Getting Started in Practice.

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Construction Law Made Easy

Tags: Komodo CMS | Static

A Minter Ellion site, it has an index navigation for each of the topic chapters.

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Colour Designer

Tags: CMSless | Static

A site for Wattyl, Colour Designer helps you choose paint colours by sorting them into colour palettes.

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Defence Bank

Tags: Komodo CMS | Responsive

This site uses bootstrap, SASS, responsive rotating banner, tabs that turn into accordians on mobile, as well as print styles.

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First Stop Transport

Tags: CMSless | Responsive

The project was already mostly built when I started on it. My main job was make it accessible which required a lot of code changes across the board. The site was checked for accessibilty by Vision Australia.

project screenshot

Tags: WordPress | Responsive

This was a modification of a bought template.

project screenshot
Jane Chua Massage Therapist

Tags: WordPress | Static

Using plugins, this site allows for multiple editable areas and 3 editable panels that repeat on all pages. Design was done by Allison Chau, while I handled the rest including WordPress installation, hosting and theme editing.

project screenshot
Mcgrath Pink Visa

Tags: Komodo CMS | Responsive

A rework of an existing site to make it mobile friendly, technically this site is actually adaptive. Some of the inner pages have tabs that become accordions on mobile.

project screenshot

Tags: Komodo CMS | Mobile

This tablet/mobile site features a responsive rotating banner and an anchored footer.

project screenshot
Print Concierge

Tags: Wordpress | Responsive

This was made using a template. Custom features I added includes a quick 'Send File' form that opens in an overlay and 'get a quote' buttons that auto select the Product Category in the form.

project screenshot
Victoria Law Reform Commission

Tags: Drupal | Responsive

The original site was done by someone else. I worked on making the site responsive. The site is also AA accessible.

project screenshot

Tags: Open CMS | Static

This was a redesign of the American site using it's existing code. The old code used layout tables which I cleaned up.